How to Integrate Ninja Forms with Sendy

1) Connect your form to Sendy

Go to Forms => Settings.

Sendy Url: Enter your url where you have Sendy App installed.

-Custom Fields: If you want to use Custom Fields you can add them here, each field name separated by comma.


2) Send form data to Sendy

Go to Forms -> All Forms and edit one of your Forms. On the tab Emails & Actions you’ll see a + on the bottom right to add additional actions.



Click this button and add the Sendy action.



Configuring Sendy Action

-List ID: Enter the Sendy List ID to which you want to add subscribers from your Form.

-Email: Select the Email Field from list of your form fields.

-Name: Select the Name Field from list of your form fields.

-Custom Fields: Select any other fields you want to send to Sendy



Adding Opt-in Checkbox

You can add Opt-in checkbox by adding new field to your form.


Select  Sendy Opt-in field


Thats it ! You are all set to go.