Get Client ID & Client Secret for Google Authorization for Ninja Forms Integration

Please make sure you have set correct site url (including https if you have ssl ) from WP Admin  => Settings => General

To get Client ID & Client Secret you will need to create a new Project with your google account.

-Go to Google Console  & login with your gmail account.

-Click on Credentials menu on left & then click on Create a project.



-Add a name for your Project, select radio option below that and then click Create

– Enable the drive & sheet api for your project.



-Select Drive API & Sheet API



-Now click on Credentials on left sidebar & then Click on Create credentials and select OAuth Client ID



-Give your Product a Name e.g “Formidable Integration” and the click Save button at bottom.



– Next Select Application type as Web application and add your site url as Authorized redirect url ( Important : Url should be with slash at the end e.g )

Click Create button at bottom.


-Next Copy the Client ID & Client Secret and paste it on Ninja Forms GoogleSpreadsheet Addon Settings