How to use VC MailChimp

  1. Start
  2. Installation
    1. New Install via FTP
    2. New Install via the WordPress uploader
    3. Updating via the FTP
  3. Adding Mailchimp API Key
  4. Creating Form


There are several methods to install a WordPress plugin. Choose a method below.

New Install via FTP

  1. Unzip the package and find and on you computer.
  2. Upload the unzipped folder the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

New Install via the WordPress uploader

  1. Click Plugins > Add New inside of your WordPress install.
  2. Click Upload and select the
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Updating via the FTP

  1. If you’ve made any custom changes to the core you’ll need to merge those changes into the new package.
  2. Unzip the package on you computer.
  3. Replace the current folder in your plugins folder with the new unzipped folder from your computer.

How to Use

Activate the plugin and Add Mailchimp API Key

Go to Settings-> VC Mailchimp






Creating Form and adding Fields

Create or edit a Page/Post

On Edit screen you will notice new Mailchimp Fields.




Every Mailchimp Field should be inside Mailchimp Form Container Field to make the Form work

Below is an example with Name and Email Field added.













NOTE: You should always add Mailchimp Form Container Field first and then add the name, email, custom and submit field.

Mailchimp Form Container Field adn Submit Field are required Fields to make form work.

Adding Custom Fields

Adding custom fields is very easy, just add the custom field to your form container field. The value in “Name” field should be same as you have entered in Mailchimp.

Here is the view in Mailchimp.










View Mailchimp Custom Field Setting Popup